Review of Topic 3

Whilst I always recognised the importance of my presence online and the role it can play in determining my employment possibilities, attaching a statistic to the seriousness of the issue has completely changed my outlook on the matter. Being aware that 93% of recruiter’s review a candidate’s social media profile before making a hiring decision has made me completely rethink my online professional appearance. This weeks topic has therefore been extremely useful by helping me to achieve an authentic professional profile online.

Like my own post, Ellie’s contribution recognised that by treating online professional platforms as a ‘personal brand’ encourages authenticity to be achieved within your professional profile. However, my comment questioned whether an individual’s ‘brand’ needs to be maintained across multiple platforms that are only used for personal usage. This opened up a similar discussion to topic 2 which questions whether personal and professional use of the internet needs to be separate.

Melinda’s post provided a fantastic breakdown of the measures needed to be taken in order to build a successful professional profile. One in particular that caught my eye was to ensure that you link together other platforms that you are present on, which in my opinion goes a long way to reassure an employer of authenticity.

Although statistics show that Facebook and Twitter are actively used by employers in the recruitment process, my comment on Tom’s blog suggested that perhaps these platforms can only be detrimental to your employability as they are centered around personal use rather than professional.  My view drew upon the story of Justine Sacco who was sacked after inappropriate messages were discovered by her employer on her twitter account. My interaction with Tom also made me query whether platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are only used for cross-referencing of candidates to ensure their digital footprint is controversy free rather than using it as a way of searching for candidates. As a result, I am even more confident that taking full use of privacy settings on sites such as Facebook and Twitter is the way forward.

Overall, the topic has allowed me to recognise the main ways in which an authentic online professional profile can be created which has been presented on an infographic below.


untitled-infographic (1)


Cover Image:


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