Reflecting on Topic 5

This week’s topic focused on the advantages and disadvantages of open access for the content producer which generated some interesting thoughts amongst fellow UOSM2008 students. Haley’s post allowed me to initially recognise that one of the perceived advantages of open access for content producers is that their articles become more influential in promoting development in low income countries. However, by researching into the idea further, an article by Beall suggested complete open access could result in activists publishing articles with false information presented as scientific fact. My comment questioned whether complete open access of academic articles would inadvertently result in a failure to promote development for the low income countries and therefore fail to benefit the content producers.

Tom’s well-structured and insightful post suggested that all research articles should be openly accessible as education is based around sharing ideas and new knowledge to benefit society. My comment questioned whether the government should intervene to ensure all articles are made openly accessible. This related directly to Rebecca’s post who recognised that content producers can benefit from openly accessible articles to aid them in their research projects and articles which is a viewpoint that I had previously not considered. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of open access for content producers is that they are able to gain access to a wide range of academic articles to help support their own research.FOREST CREATURES & WOODLANDS

My interaction with Kate in the comments section of my post changed my opinion on the view that content producers would receive more academic recognition by posting their articles to be openly accessible. Previously I held the opinion that open access would increase the level of academic recognition for the article due to the increased viewership, however, Kate’s comment allowed me to recognise that articles published in academic journals have to go through approval and checks, which make them more academically reliable and will therefore attract more academics to read them compared to openly accessible articles.

In contrast to my post and many others, Rofini’s post recognised that content producers can also come outside of academia which meant the advantages and disadvantages of open access for producers of music differ slightly. One of the most noticeable differences was that in the long-run producers of musical content can benefit from greater revenue opportunities due to the increased exposure compared to academic content producers.

The infographic on the right was created through Canva and summarises how my initial understanding has developed since my original post through reading my classmates posts and the interaction within the comments section.



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