Farewell to UOSM 2008

What have I learnt from UOSM2008?

Previously, I held the opinion that learning could only be achieved through formal avenues such as lectures and seminars, however, through engaging in discussions on Twitter and interacting with fellow students in the comments of blog posts, the module has shown that personal learning networks can come in a variety of forms. Beyond the module there are still many other platforms which I will look to use and broaden my personal learning networks such as on ‘debate.org’ which has an Economics forum and will enable me to broaden my understanding around my degree subject through interacting with an online community.

The short PowToon video below summarises my additional findings from UOSM2008.


Evidence of my online professional profile development

The bar chart below illustrates that my digital profile development has moved from a score of 16/35 at the start of the module to a current score of 31/35. For more detail of my reasoning behind the increase for each component, please refer to my self evaluation table.


Some of the factors behind the increase in digital development score have been detailed below:

LinkedIn Profile

  • Topic 3 highlighted the significant changes I made to my LinkedIn profile. The use of a photo to improve authenticity, the inclusion of a summary to be unique and the succinct descriptions of my previous experience has moved the profile to a level which can help me build an online network, where previously the profile was bland and lacked individuality. After the module I will seek to increase my connections and try to engage with employers more directly on the platform.
Before and after of my LinkedIn profile

Greater inter-linking of platforms

  • I have recently linked an article I had completed on Market Mogul (an online Economics-related platform) to both my LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Previously, this piece of work was very much anonymous, however, the module has allowed me to recognise that inter-linking platforms and pieces of work can be an asset to increase employability and I am confident this has helped me improve my online profile. Inter-linking of platforms and work is therefore something I will look to continue doing in the future to develop my digital profile even further and establish an online ‘brand’ that was outlined in Topic 3.
My twitter profile is now linked to my profiles on other platforms and other pieces of work

A move away from the ‘social walled garden’

  • In Topic 1, I mentioned that the majority of my online activity took place behind a ‘social walled garden’ (Bob R-S, 2014) as it was only visible to those I was aware of. However, with multiple openly accessible videos on YouTube, an active free-to-view blog and disabled privacy settings on my social media accounts, I believe I have moved much closer to the ‘resident’ end on the visitor-resident continuum. In the future, I will look to move more into the ‘resident’ end of the continuum by leaving a larger social trace by posting more Economics related articles that are free to read for all.
As a result of UOSM2008, I have moved more towards the ‘resident’ end of the spectrum

Further steps to be taken

On top of what has already been discussed, I have provided a Piktochart  below to detail the steps needed to improve my online professional profile in the future.



Header Image: http://jeanzhaohk.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/social-networking-security-issues.html

Bob R-S. (2014). Mapping the Visitors and Residents. Available: https://thedigitalday.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/mapping-the-visitors-and-residents . Last accessed 21st May 2016.





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